The 2019 FINA World Swimming Championships will be held in Gwangju Metropolitan City. It is expected that there will be as many tourists as Dephein that the world pays attention to. Next, what is the famous city of Gwangju? What should be done for the time remaining in the tournament? I think the correct answer is still "beer".



The famous beer in Gwangju Metropolitan City is Gwangju's only handmade beer brewery "After Works". The knobs renewed through the research and development that followed continued well with the homemade beer. I can hear the cheers of those who like the knob.



The reason why "After Works" is famous is that there is a brewing room next to the storefront. Order to introduce four of the delicious homemade beers you got right away immediately.





Gwangju beer

1. "Peace Fail Ale"


The unique taste and soft soda are the best. The beer is especially fond of women, but it is because it is a sweet beer. It is so delicious that you don't need a knob when you drink it.




Gwangju beer

2. "Wome 2 Sour IPA"


It's a beer that contains Gwangju's specialty mountaineering watermelon. It's a beer that has an inherent bitter taste and barley aroma. It's especially popular with those who like beer more than the peace failover job mentioned earlier.



Gwangju beer

3. 'Mudung Mountain Pilsner'


The next beer to introduce is 'Mudung Mountain Pilsner'. The huge mountain surrounding Gwangju is Mudeung Mountain. The color of autumn of this Mudeungsan was expressed in beer. The taste is so soft that people who do not enjoy the usual beer can also feel free to drink.



Gwangju beer

4. 'Gwangsan Baizen'

Finally, it is a soft beer with a sweetness and banana flavor. We used our wheat from Gwangsan-gu, one of five districts in Gwangju. So it is fresher.

We introduced the four beers of 'Afterworks', a handmade beer representing Gwangju Metropolitan City. It is so neat and delicious that you can visit without worrying about it because it is a place to make beer. Especially the beer as well as the food coming out is really delicious. I would like to help tourists who are looking for Gwangju.




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Gwangju beer "After Works"

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